Relocate a Ferment-on-premises Licence to a new location

Apply to get approval to move a Ferment-on-Premises Licence to a new facility.

Use the Application to Relocate Ferment-on-Premises Licence Form to get approval to move the licence to a new location.


You need to be 19 or older and authorized by the organization to apply.

How to apply

  1. Complete the application form as soon as you secure the new address, and before you move.
  2. Check the application for details on all required supporting documents.
  3. Include payment with your application.
  4. Send your completed form, supporting documents and payment by mail, email or fax. Or visit the Alcohol, Gaming, Fuel and Tobacco Division.

How long it takes

It should take 2 weeks to get approval to relocate the licence. It can take longer if more information is needed or if your application hasn’t been filled in correctly.


There is no cost to apply for approval.

Before you start

You may need to provide supporting documents including a copy of confirmation that you’ve notified Canada Revenue Agency of your address change.

Application form