Gasoline and diesel pricing

The prices consumers pay for gasoline and ultra low sulphur diesel are regulated. Regulations protect you from frequent price changes and help keep retailers open in rural and remote locations.

By law, the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board (NSUARB) is responsible for setting fuel prices under the Petroleum Products Pricing Act and regulations. The Utility and Review Board sets minimum prices for fuel sold at full- and self-service stations, and the maximum price for fuel sold at self-service stations.

Gasoline prices are determined by many factors, including world events, the New York stock exchange, and the exchange rate between the US and Canadian dollar.

Different prices are set in each of the province’s 6 price zones to allow for variations in transportation costs. Current retail and wholesale prices for each zone are set weekly by the Utility and Review Board.

Retailers and wholesalers may choose to sell gasoline or ultra low sulphur diesel for less than the minimum regulated price. Any discount that lowers the price below the regulated minimum price must be registered as a promotion.