How government protects your privacy

Collection of information on what happens in the event of a privacy breach and what you can do.

This collection provides you with information on privacy breaches, what to do if you believe there has been a privacy breach relating to your personal information, how to submit a privacy complaint and the protocols government follows during a privacy breach.

In the event of a privacy breach (or suspected privacy breach), there are protocols government follows. There are also steps you can take to deal with a privacy breach or submit a privacy complaint.

If you’re concerned about how your personal information has been handled, you can also contact Information Access and Privacy Services for help.

Submit a privacy complaint

Submit a privacy complaint if you believe your privacy has been compromised due to the mishandling of your personal information.

Privacy breach of personal information

What a privacy breach is, what steps the government takes to resolve breaches, how to report a breach and how to file a complaint.

How to deal with a privacy breach of your personal information

Steps you can take if your personal information was breached.

Manage a privacy breach: protocol and forms

The protocol that the Government of Nova Scotia follows if a privacy breach occurs.