Personal Property Registry fees

Fees to register, amend (change), renew, re-register, discharge (end) a registration and search for a security interest (lien) in the Personal Property Registry. Fees vary depending on the activity and the length of registration.

You need to pay a fee to search, register, amend (change) and renew a registration in the Personal Property Registry.

Registration fees

Activity Fee
Initial registration (doesn’t include fee for each year of registration) $26.50
Each year $9.25
Infinity $623.00

Renewal fees

Activity Fee
Each additional year $9.25
Infinity $623.00

Other fees

Activity Fee
Discharge (end) a registration No cost
Re-register a registration within 30 days under subsection 36(7) of the Personal Property Security Act No cost
Amend (change) a registration $12.45
Make a global amendment (change) across multiple registrations $623.00
Search the Personal Property Registry $8.75 (per search)

Lien Check fees

Activity Fee
Nova Scotia search $8.75 (per search)