Standard Form of Lease Policy: Residential Tenancies

The Standard Form of Lease Policy (Policy 32) explains that the conditions in the Standard Form of Lease apply to all residential rental agreements, even if landlords and tenants use another form or a spoken agreement.

This policy describes how landlords and tenants must use the Standard Form of Lease for a written rental agreement. It also explains that if any other form of written or spoken agreement is used, then the conditions in the Standard Form of Lease apply and will be used to resolve disputes.

Information includes:

  • the length of the lease if no written lease has been signed
  • what signatures are needed and how many copies of the lease need to be provided to the tenant
  • how a landlord may add other terms and conditions to a lease if they’re not in conflict with the act and the tenant agrees
  • how to resolve disputes if the tenant and landlord cannot resolve them themselves

  • Policy

Author: Residential Tenancies
Department: Service Nova Scotia and Internal Services