Procurement guides

Collection of procurement guidelines for the government, public sector entities and suppliers.

This document collection provides detailed procurement guidance for selling to government and public sector entities.



Procurement process for architectural and professional engineering services

Guidelines the government and public sector entities need to follow when purchasing architectural and engineering services.

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Construction contract guidelines: procurement tenders and contracts

Guidelines to help public sector entities develop construction tenders and contracts.

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Procurement piggyback guideline for public sector entities

Rules public sector entities need to follow when entering into a piggyback contract with an awarded vendor (supplier).

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Procurement Release of Information Protocol

The Procurement Release of Information Protocol outlines how Procurement provides and releases information for open and invitational competitions.

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Bidder debriefing process: procurement

How to request a debriefing for a proposal submitted to government, how the debriefing process works and what it covers.

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Unsolicited proposals: submission and evaluation guide

Procurement process and procedures for submitting an unsolicited proposal to Government of Nova Scotia and how it’s evaluated.

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Bidder complaints about government’s procurement process

How bidders can submit a complaint about government’s procurement process and the process government and public sector entities need to follow for complaints.

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Vendor Sessions Protocol: procurement process

The Vendor Sessions Protocol outlines how and when vendor sessions can be held as part of government’s procurement process.

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