Municipal and Conseil scolaire acadien provincial school board elections: guide for returning officers

Guidelines and procedures that returning officers need to follow for municipal and Conseil scolaire acadien provincial (CSAP) school board elections.

This guide provides information for returning officers who are administering the 2020 elections.

Information includes:

  • qualifications needed to vote
  • how to prepare polling divisions and polling stations
  • how to prepare a list of electors
  • list of electors (revisions through end of elections)
  • candidates for council elections
  • election supplies for council and CSAP school board elections
  • transfer certificates and proxy voting
  • advance poll and ordinary polling day
  • official additions of the votes and post-election responsibilities
  • recounts and challenges
  • declaration of election and oath or affirmations of office
  • nomination deposit refund and campaign finance disclosure
  • special elections and plebiscites

  • Guide

Author: Department of Municipal Affairs and Housing
Department: Municipal Affairs and Housing