Fire investigation and fire scene security: guide

Guidelines on fire scene security, fire investigation protocols and fire investigation procedures that the Office of the Fire Marshal, fire suppression personnel, fire chiefs and Office of the Fire Marshal-designated local assistants need to follow.

This guide provides details on how to properly conduct fire investigations and fire scene security, including duties and responsibilities of fire services. Guidelines apply to fires in Nova Scotia attended by fire suppression personnel where property has been destroyed or damaged, where there has been a loss of human life or where the origin of the fire is believed to be incendiary.

Information includes:

  • on-scene duties and responsibilities of local assistants
  • duties of the Office of the Fire Marshal
  • scene security procedures for local assistants and fire suppression personnel
  • cost recovery for posting security
  • information required when requesting help from the Office of the Fire Marshal
  • order to post security watch at fire investigation
  • order requiring owner to pay costs of security
  • penalties
  • appeals

  • Corporate report
  • Guide

Department: Office of the Fire Marshal