Calculate interest on security deposit

You can calculate the interest on a security deposit that a landlord owes a tenant at the end of the tenancy (lease).

Use the Security Deposit Interest Calculator to calculate how much interest a landlord needs to pay when returning a security deposit to a tenant at the end of a tenancy (lease).

At the end of a tenancy (lease), a landlord needs to return a tenant's security deposit with interest, minus any deductions for unpaid rent or damage. Security deposit interest is calculated based on different interest rates.

Security deposit interest rates

From To Interest rate
1 January 2013 Present 0%
1 January 1995 31 December 2012 1%
1 January 1992 31 December 1994 3%
1 January 1985 31 December 1991 7%
1 July 1982 31 December 1984 12%
Before 1 July 1982   6%

Before you start

Make sure you have:

  • date the security deposit was paid
  • date the tenancy ended
  • amount of security deposit

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