Department of Service Nova Scotia: About us

What we do

The Department of Service Nova Scotia helps citizens, businesses and municipalities access a variety of government programs and services. We also provide common services and support (like technology services) to government departments and public sector organizations.


We're responsible for:

  • in-person and online services for Access Nova Scotia, Land Registry and Vital Statistics
  • operating the registries of land, personal property, vital statistics, joint stock companies and lobbyists
  • providing alcohol, gaming, fuel and tobacco licensing, enforcement and auditing
  • business and consumer services like licensing and inspecting regulated businesses and protecting consumers
  • Customer Contact Centre for information about government programs and services
  • helping the government choose communications and technology solutions
  • information access and privacy

Who we are

The Department of Service Nova Scotia has about 1,020 staff across the province who design and deliver a variety of government programs and services.


Our priorities are:

  • investing in technology and governance to provide positive client experiences and service excellence
  • updating our technology and improving program delivery
  • applying innovative ideas through service improvements and upgrading the registries of land, motor vehicles, vital statistics and joint stock companies
  • publishing non-sensitive data through the open data portal
  • leading government’s efforts to improve business processes and eliminate waste