Gaelic Affairs: About us

What we do

Gaelic Affairs works with government, communities and partners to protect and promote the Gaelic language and culture so the culture, heritage, customs and traditions of the Gaels of Nova Scotia are passed on to future generations. We also work to create a better understanding and appreciation of Gaelic culture, heritage, customs and traditions.

Gaelic Affairs is a division of the Department of Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage.


We're responsible for:

  • raising awareness of Gaelic language, culture and history and its contribution to communities throughout the province
  • working with government, community and international partners to help strengthen and preserve Nova Scotia’s Gaelic language and culture
  • supporting community groups and Gaelic language and cultural programs, services and events
  • developing partnerships within government to help make sure the Gaelic language and culture continue to contribute to the diversity of communities throughout the province

Who we are

Gaelic Affairs has about 4 staff in Halifax, Antigonish and Mabou.


Our priorities are:

  • working with government and partners to tell the story of the Gaels and increase understanding of their Gaelic language, cultural arts and expression, identity and history
  • working with community groups and providing funding to support Gaelic language and cultural programs, services and events
  • providing language training, support materials, programming, advice, research, translations and communications support within government
  • improving cross-cultural awareness to create a better understanding of Gaelic language and culture and identify common language, culture, identity and historical narratives among other cultural groups in the province
  • supporting the inclusion of Gaelic language, history and culture for grades primary to 12 in schools