African Nova Scotian Affairs: About us

What we do

African Nova Scotian Affairs works with government, communities and partners to help provide services and programs for the African Nova Scotian community. We work within the community to keep African Nova Scotians informed and to encourage involvement. We also support activities that bring African Nova Scotians together to network, share ideas and identify opportunities for development and growth.

African Nova Scotian Affairs is a division of the Department of Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage.


We're responsible for:

  • helping African Nova Scotian communities access programs and services
  • making sure government is aware of issues, needed support and lived experiences of African Nova Scotian communities
  • helping facilitate conversations between African Nova Scotian communities, government and partners
  • working with African Nova Scotian communities throughout the province and federal, provincial and municipal government to resolve issues, develop new community programs and support community celebrations
  • promoting awareness of African Nova Scotian history and heritage
  • participating in community events, activities, and workshops

Who we are

African Nova Scotian Affairs has about 14 staff in Digby, Halifax, New Glasgow, North Preston, Sydney, Truro and Yarmouth.


Our priorities are:

  • coordinating an integrated approach within government for developing policies, programs, services and legislation to support African Nova Scotian communities and their interests
  • providing corporate policy, advice and support to departments to help improve government and African Nova Scotian community relations
  • working with African Nova Scotian communities to help improve awareness and understanding of African Nova Scotian culture, history and lived experiences
  • helping lead initiatives and develop partnerships for anti-racism programs and education