Acadian Affairs and Francophonie: About us

What we do

Acadian Affairs and Francophonie works to support the delivery of French-language services throughout government, promote Acadian and francophone culture and heritage, and celebrate Acadian heritage and community projects.

We work with the Acadian and francophone community to encourage participation and input in government consultations. We also share community feedback and ideas with other departments so they can better understand and address the community’s needs through programs, services and policies.

Acadian Affairs and Francophonie is a division of the Department of Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage.


We're responsible for:

  • supporting government in the delivery of French-language services to the Acadian and francophone community
  • coordinating and funding French-language training for government employees
  • helping government implement the French-language Services Act
  • coordinating and chairing the meetings of the French-language Services Coordinating Committee
  • co-developing the Nova Scotia Strategic Plan for French-language Services
  • administering the Bonjour! Program, Vive l’Acadie Community Fund, Acadian and Francophone Community Projects Fund and the Québec-Nova Scotia Agreement for Collaboration and Exchange
  • supporting the Department of Labour, Skills and Immigration in the Francophone Immigration Strategy

Who we are

Acadian Affairs and Francophonie has about 5 staff in Halifax.


Our priorities are:

  • supporting provincial French-language services
  • supporting the Acadian and Francophone community projects that demonstrate Acadian culture and heritage
  • developing partnerships with Acadian and francophone communities throughout the province
  • raising awareness of active offer (invitation to use English or French) through the Bonjour! Program
  • promoting and supporting francophone immigration to Nova Scotia
  • developing partnerships with Acadian and francophone provincial, national and international organizations
  • working with municipal, provincial and federal partners to support the Acadian and francophone community and their interests