Sustainable Services Growth Fund for municipalities

The Sustainable Services Growth Fund provides funding to help with municipal infrastructure projects that support growing populations, accessibility and active transportation. Municipalities receive a one-time allocation payment that they can use towards eligible projects. Funding is only available for the 2022 to 2023 fiscal year.

The Department of Municipal Affairs and Housing administers the Sustainable Services Growth Fund and distributes allocation payments to municipalities.

Funding calculation

The Department of Municipal Affairs and Housing calculates the municipal allocation payment using the Sustainable Services Growth Fund formula.

Eligible projects

Eligible projects projects include municipal infrastructure investments that support Nova Scotia’s growing population in these categories:

  • housing development
  • seniors and long-term care
  • accessibility
  • active transportation

Some examples of eligible projects include:

  • expansion or renewal of water and wastewater treatment, storage and distribution systems
  • solid waste management infrastructure
  • active transportation trails and sidewalks
  • accessibility retrofits to municipal buildings

Eligible costs

Eligible costs include:

  • costs associated with planning, designing, constructing or renovating a tangible capital asset
  • municipal contributions towards expenditures related to other cost-shared projects

Ineligible costs include:

  • costs incurred before 1 April 2023
  • costs incurred after the project end date
  • cost of leasing of equipment
  • overhead costs
  • salaries and other employment benefits of any employees of the municipality
  • direct or indirect operating or administrative costs of the municipality
  • taxes the municipality is eligible for a tax rebate on
  • other costs eligible for rebates or recoveries
  • purchase of land or any interest therein, and related costs
  • legal fees
  • routine repair, maintenance and operating costs

Accessing the funding

Municipalities don’t apply for the Sustainable Services Growth Fund. The Department of Municipal Affairs and Housing calculates the allocation payment and distributes the funding to each municipality in 1 transfer payment. Municipalities need to meet reporting requirements and agree to the terms and conditions to receive the transfer payment. The transfer payment is only available for the 2022 to 2023 fiscal year.

Reporting requirements

Municipalities need to submit a Program Closeout Report and Statement of Expenditures within 60 days of completing the projects.