Tracey Taweel

Tracey Taweel was appointed Deputy Minister of the Department of Community Services in May 2019.


Tracey is an accomplished communicator, leader and strategist. She has worked in the private sector and the public sector, most recently as Deputy Minister of the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage and the CEO of the Office of Immigration. Tracey has also held the position of Associate Deputy Minister of Communications Nova Scotia, as well as senior level positions within Health Canada. She’s a sessional instructor at Mount Saint Vincent University.

Tracey has a Master of Public Relations from Mount Saint Vincent University, as well as a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Public Relations from the same institution.

Current role

Deputy Minister, Department of Community Services

The deputy minister is responsible for a wide range of social services that are delivered directly by the department or by organizations receiving funding from the department.

Responsibilities Include:

  • carrying out government policies
  • implementing decisions made by the minister and the Executive Council
  • providing advice and information to help the minister make decisions
  • securing the necessary resources to enable the department to carry out its mandate
  • overseeing all aspects of the administration of the department

Previous roles

  • Deputy Minister, Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage
  • CEO, Office of Immigration
  • Associate Deputy Minister, Communications Nova Scotia
  • Managing Director, Communications Nova Scotia
  • senior level positions, Health Canada