Natasha Clarke

Natasha Clarke was appointed Associate Deputy Minister and Chief Digital Officer of the Department of Service Nova Scotia and Internal Services in June 2019.


Natasha Clarke

Natasha has over 20 years of experience leading initiatives for the public sector. Since joining the Government of Nova Scotia in 2009, Natasha has supported and led multiple service delivery initiatives for government. Initiatives have focused on providing excellent service experiences for Nova Scotians.

Natasha is a strategic leader. She’s passionate about making a difference for Nova Scotians through partnerships and collaboration, and by empowering teams.

Current role

Associate Deputy Minister and Chief Digital Officer, Department of Service Nova Scotia and Internal Services

The associate deputy minister and chief digital officer helps government think differently about their approach to delivering programs and services. They build strong relationships and partnerships throughout government and help government departments take better advantage of digital practices, processes and technology.

Responsibilities include:

  • helping government make simpler, clearer and faster services
  • developing online and offline solutions to achieve better outcomes and respond to people’s raised expectations

Previous roles

  • Executive Director, Office of Service Nova Scotia
  • management consultant in the private sector
  • board member of the Institute for Citizen-Centred Service (ICCS)
  • member of the Public Sector Service Delivery Council of Canada (PSSDC)