Public Service Commission: About us

What we do

The Public Service Commission helps make sure the Government of Nova Scotia has the people and skills needed to create and provide programs and services. The commission is responsible for developing human resource management policies, programs, standards and procedures to help create an engaged, productive and diverse workforce. We oversee collective bargaining and provide advice on employee relations matters.

We also manage employee recruitment and work with other departments to help make the Government of Nova Scotia a preferred employer.


We're responsible for:

  • providing human resource programs and services to government
  • increasing the diversity of the public service and ensuring an inclusive work environment
  • reaching settlements in collective bargaining that address issues in a fiscally responsible way
  • planning, recruiting, training and career development for government employees
  • maintaining positive labour relations
  • providing anti-stigma and self-awareness training in workplace mental health
  • maintaining personnel records for government

Who we are

The Public Service Commission has about 206 staff across the province who deliver a variety of programs and services to government employees, retirees and partners.


Our priorities are:

  • providing younger workers with employment and employee participation opportunities
  • leading efforts to attract, retain and celebrate diversity and equity within the public service
  • maintaining focus on attracting, hiring and promoting workers from diverse backgrounds
  • supporting the psychological health and safety of the Nova Scotia public service
  • leading public service innovation by providing human resource and employee relation solutions