Department of Labour, Skills and Immigration: About us

What we do

The Department of Labour, Skills and Immigration helps people prepare for job opportunities and build the skills they need. We promote safe work environments and help employers and employees know their rights and responsibilities.

The department works with partners and other levels of government to support people immigrating to Nova Scotia. We provide programs to help newcomers. We also provide career information, employment services and learning programs that support the labour market.


We're responsible for:

  • making sure people are working safely and know their rights
  • helping more people find work and keep working within the province
  • helping young people get training and work experience they need to get jobs within the province and helping more employers hire young people
  • improving access to labour market information and providing support to determine if more education, help with literacy or work experience is needed
  • working with partners and businesses to identify labour and skills gaps
  • regulating technical safety for mechanical equipment and equipment in public places (like elevators, escalators, electrical wiring, boilers and propane storage)
  • supporting immigration, newcomers and population growth throughout the province

Who we are

The Department of Labour, Skills and Immigration has about 500 staff across the province.


Our priorities are:

  • helping create a stronger culture of workplace health and safety and technical equipment safety in businesses and organizations
  • connecting youth, apprentices and post-secondary graduates with employment opportunities
  • supporting innovation through research and development
  • improving programs and opportunities for under-represented groups and people with disabilities
  • expanding opportunities for adult learning and promoting apprenticeship as a post-secondary option
  • helping people find and keep jobs in the province and helping employers find and train the people they need
  • promoting immigration and attracting immigrants to Nova Scotia