Department of Infrastructure and Housing: About us

What we do

The Department of Infrastructure and Housing designs and builds public buildings like hospitals, schools and arts and cultural spaces. We provide public housing and programs for people with low to moderate incomes and maintain and build affordable housing throughout the province. We also work with community partners and other levels of government to help make sure funding is available for infrastructure and housing.


We're responsible for:

  • developing and overseeing provincial housing programs including provincially owned rental housing through the Regional Housing Authorities, the rent supplement program and programs to support low-income homeowners and first-time home buyers
  • providing oversight, coordination and project advice on federal and provincial infrastructure funding programs
  • managing building projects, including architectural and engineering design, construction administration and project management services (for example, major healthcare facilities, educational facilities and provincial building infrastructure)
  • managing long-term contractual relationships between government and private sector partners for design, build, finance and maintenance contracts
  • providing architectural and engineering design, construction administration and project management services for major projects through the new Health Infrastructure division at Nova Scotia Lands Inc.

Who we are

The Department of Infrastructure and Housing has about 185 staff with expertise in policy and planning, building project management and housing services. Most infrastructure staff work in Halifax and housing staff work throughout the province.


Our priorities are:

  • supporting the work of the Nova Scotia Affordable Housing Commission and continuing to implement the National Housing Strategy
  • working with non-profit housing organizations to develop new creative housing options
  • working with partners to create financial guarantee programs that help non-profit organizations to purchase buildings to turn into affordable housing
  • working with government departments and municipalities to make infrastructure investments that are built to withstand changing climate conditions
  • working with partners like Develop Nova Scotia to develop sustainable public places that attract and help retain people within communities
  • continuing to provide services for major healthcare and hospital infrastructure renovation and expansion projects like the QEII New Generation project and the Cape Breton Regional Municipality Health Care Redevelopment