Department of Finance and Treasury Board: About us

What we do

The Department of Finance and Treasury Board is responsible for government’s spending and revenue. We prepare the annual provincial budget and other financial documents, and we publish and maintain this information for public access. We’re also in charge of program areas, like insurance, credit unions and trusts, and the Utility and Review Board.


We're responsible for:

  • government’s finances and financial health
  • yearly budgeting for government spending and revenue
  • yearly public accounts comparing final actual revenue and spending to original budget
  • regulating the provincial insurance industry
  • regulating credit unions and trust industry
  • Utility and Review Board

Who we are

The Department of Finance and Treasury Board has about 180 staff including accountants, economists, administrators, analysts and debt managers in Halifax and Truro.


Our priorities are:

  • ensuring fiscal sustainability by establishing the fiscal sustainability framework within the government programs and services we operate
  • facilitating a positive economic environment that encourages economic growth
  • preserving the province’s financial capacity to provide the public services required by Nova Scotians