Emergency Management Office: About us

What we do

The Emergency Management Office (EMO) is responsible for emergency planning and coordinating emergency responses. The office works with municipal authorities to help plan for emergencies, coordinate provincial resources when there is an emergency and help with analysis and evaluation after an emergency. We also administer the provincial emergency 911 service.

The Emergency Management Office is a division of the Department of Municipal Affairs and Housing.


We're responsible for:

  • providing integrated emergency planning and coordination with municipalities
  • supporting municipal authorities in emergency preparedness and planning
  • administering the emergency 911 service
  • providing public education and awareness about emergencies
  • working with volunteer organizations to support emergency responses
  • administering disaster financial assistance programs

Who we are

The Emergency Management Office has about 25 staff throughout the province.


Our priorities are:

  • updating the All-Hazards Emergency Plan that supports the provincial preparation for and response to emergency events
  • reviewing and updating provincial and emergency management plans