Find and post your civic number

You need to know your civic address and post it properly so emergency responders can find your house and workplace quickly.

Everyone at your home and workplace needs to know the correct civic address in case of an emergency. You also need to properly post a civic number on your home and workplace so first responders can find you quickly.

Find your civic number

If you don’t know your civic number, contact the Emergency Management Office.

A civic address includes:

  • civic number
  • street name and street type (for example, Street, Road, Avenue, Lane)
  • community
  • county

Example: 33 Acadia Street, Dartmouth

Post your civic number

Post your civic number so emergency responders can find your home and workplace quickly.

You need to:

  • make sure to post your civic number in front of your home and workplace
  • make sure it’s clearly visible from the road
  • ensure the civic sign has enough light that it can be seen at night

Some municipalities have specific rules for civic signs. Contact your local municipal office for more information.

Get a civic sign

Find local suppliers of civic signs registered with the Emergency Management Office.

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