Trade agreements for procurement

Collection of trade agreements that impact how Government of Nova Scotia and public sector entities buy goods, services and construction.

Trade agreements can be comprehensive, covering several different topics. Or they can be more concentrated, covering individual topics. Each agreement has unique language, exemptions, rules and requirements.

Domestic trade agreements

The Atlantic Premiers signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for the Atlantic Trade and Procurement Partnership (ATPP) in January 2019. Through the partnership, the provinces work to streamline trade and procurement processes and help businesses compete throughout for procurement opportunities throughout Atlantic Canada. The partnership also implements the procurement thresholds for public tenders contained in the 2017 Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA).

International trade agreements

Procurement also follows international trade agreements that are in place for Canadian jurisdictions:


Setting time periods for tenders under international trade agreements

Time periods that public sector entities need to follow during the procurement process for goods, services and construction.

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Trade agreement thresholds and posting timelines that impact procurement

Domestic and international trade agreements that impact public sector entities when procuring (buying) goods, services and construction.

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