Jeff Conrad

Jeff Conrad was appointed Deputy Minister of Internal Services in April 2014.


Jeff has worked for the Nova Scotia government since 2006. Before assuming his current deputy minister position, his roles included Senior Corporate Policy Analyst at Treasury and Policy Board, Senior Executive Lead of the Labour Market Transition team, and Associate Deputy Minister of Labour and Workforce Development. Before joining the Government of Nova Scotia, Jeff worked with Service Canada for 20 years, primarily in areas of employment and development.


The deputy minister provides strategic and operational direction to guide the department, carries out government policies and implements decisions made by the minister and Executive Council.


  • overseeing Information, Communication, and Technology Services
  • taking on the role of Chair of the Internal Audit Committee and associated operations
  • managing Financial Transaction Services
  • overseeing the Procurement Services for the public sector
  • managing corporate affairs such as government risk, insurance, policy and public safety
  • leading a team of more than 900 civil servants
  • supporting the development of innovative approaches to government challenges

Previous roles

  • Senior Corporate Policy Analyst, Treasury and Policy Board
  • Senior Executive Lead, Labour Market Development Transition team
  • Associate Deputy Minister, Labour and Workforce Development