Department of Internal Services: About us

What we do

The Department of Internal Services helps the Government of Nova Scotia provide services and programs. We provide corporate, information and technology services to government, process financial transactions, audit government operations, collect and share geographic data, manage major purchases and help public sector bodies administer freedom of information and privacy laws.

We also ensure citizens and businesses have access government information through freedom of information, public tenders, geographic data and the open data portal.

The Department of Internal Services and Office of Service Nova Scotia have merged into the Department of Service Nova Scotia and Internal Services.


  • communications and technology
  • information access and privacy
  • public safety and field communications
  • geographic data
  • purchasing
  • auditing and financial services
  • open data portal

Who we are

The Department of Internal Services has about 1,000 employees working across the province in information technology (IT), auditing, purchasing and finance roles.


From 2018 to 2019, our priorities are:

  • publishing non-sensitive data through the open data portal
  • leading government’s efforts to improve business processes and eliminate waste
  • developing a digital strategy to make it easy for citizens to access government services online
  • opening a secondary data center to ensure no disruption of critical IT services
  • enhancing cyber security to protect the personal information of individuals and businesses
  • completing IT, purchasing and health care audits
  • updating purchasing practices to be more competitive and aligning those practices with the other Atlantic provinces to increase business opportunities‎ for Nova Scotia companies