Julie Towers

Deputy Minister and Chief Executive Officer
  • Aboriginal Affairs

Julie Towers was appointed the Deputy Minister and CEO of the Office of Aboriginal Affairs in March 2014.


Julie started her career as a wildlife biologist after earning Bachelor and Master of Science degrees from the University of Toronto and University of New Brunswick.

Before becoming Deputy Minister and CEO of Aboriginal Affairs, Julie worked in applied research, environmental education and forest, parks and wildlife management.


  • Promote welcoming communities, including raising awareness and understanding of immigration and diversity issues;
  • Foster collaborative partnerships that improve the social and economic prosperity of Aboriginal communities and immigrants
  • Market the province as an attractive immigration destination and promote all immigration pathways to Nova Scotia
  • Select immigrants through the Nova Scotia Nominee Program, who fulfill a labour market need and will contribute to Nova Scotia’s economy
  • Enhance public awareness and appreciation of Mi’kmaq and Aboriginal history and culture


The CEO of the Office of Immigration takes an action-oriented approach to maximizing immigration to Nova Scotia in partnership with the Federal government, settlement partners, employers and other key stakeholders.

The CEO of the Office of Aboriginal Affairs works with aboriginal people and organizations, the federal government, other provincial/territorial departments and businesses to advance mutually beneficial environmental and socio-economic goals.

Previous roles

  • Executive Director, Renewable Resources Branch, Department of Natural Resources, Nova Scotia
  • Director of Wildlife, Department of Natural Resources, Nova Scotia
  • Manager of Environmental Assessment and Senior Policy Advisor, Department of Environment and Labour, Nova Scotia
  • Wildlife Biologist, Department of Natural Resources, Nova Scotia