Graduate to Opportunity

The Graduate to Opportunity program provides salary contributions to employers hiring recent graduates.

Eligible Employers

Nova Scotia employers that meet one or more of the following criteria are eligible for the program:

  • a company with fewer than 100 employees, and/or
  • a start-up company, incorporated within two years of the application date, and/or
  • social enterprise, not-for-profit organization, or registered charity, with recognized standing
  • The employer must offer a permanent full-time position with a minimum annual salary of $30,000.

Eligible Recent Graduates:

  • An individual who has successfully completed a post-secondary program within a year of the date the employer application is received.
  • They must live and work in Nova Scotia as a new full-time employee of the organization.
  • They must not begin employment until final approval is granted through the program.

Post-secondary institutions recognized under this program:

How to Apply

Employers and graduates can apply online through the Labour Market Program Support System (LaMPSS) system.

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