Polletts Cove-Aspy Fault Wilderness Area, northern tip of Cape Breton, NS. 27,230 hectares contain a mix of highland and coastal features.

A look ahead

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Hello! You’re about to enter our new website, which is a work in progress. We are designing it with you in mind. Our goal is to make information, programs and services easier to find by locating them in one place, organizing content by topic, and providing quick access to most requested information. We still have a lot of work to do. We invite you to explore this site, give us ongoing feedback and follow our progress.

This new website will:

organize content around your needs
provide multiple ways to find information
be accessible to everyone, on all devices
use clear and concise language
learn from your ongoing feedback
replace government’s old websites over time
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About this project

Last year, over 3.5 million visitors viewed government’s websites, 63% of whom cited a program or service as their top reason for doing so. With this in mind, we are building a new citizen-focused site to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for.

How will we do it? We will:

  • redevelop targeted content one department at a time
  • move that content to this new website
  • gather and learn from your feedback
  • make continual adjustments
  • retire and archive government’s old websites

27Departments and offices involved